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Since the development of the MindRaider just started its functionality is formed by the following set features:

Outliner/Cognition organizer/Mind mapper
MindRaider is easy-to-use system for organizing of your resources - local files, analytical documents, images, thoughts, friends, tasks, web links, etc. MindRaider enables you to annotate these resources with metadata describing how they are related. Also it provides cool visualization of your metadata and data.
    Data and metadata are created in open and standard formats like XML and OWL/RDF. It is intended to provide export/import to/from various formats in order to enable further processing. Therefore there is no "vendor-lock" risk. In fact, you can quit using MindRaider at anytime (if not satisfied ;-) without loosing your data.

RDF Browser/Editor
MindRaider enables you to browse any RDF model e.g. DublinCore, RSS or FOAF. Also it provides (limited) visual RDF editor capabilities combined with full featured textual editor allowing you to perform arbitrary operation with it.

Advanced TWiki Integration
With MindRaider you can edit off-line, refactor, and preview your TWiki topics. Check TWiki Integration for further details.

Mind maps created in MindRaider can be exported to: and imported from:

MindRaider provides experimental version of URIQA browser. Check URIQA section for further details.

Stay tuned and beware of Vodyanoi :-)

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